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GGWP Tips Playing Revamp Valir in Ranked Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has revamped one of the Hero Mages in Land of Down, yep the hero is Valir. This fire-controlling hero was previously deemed useless to play in a ranked match, and finally Valir Revamp became a scary hero.

It must be remembered, Valir revamp is very different from before, especially the use of skills. So, of course there are changes in how to play as well as other mechanisms that you need to know.

Let’s look at tips on how to use Valir from FajarYusuf.Com below:

Valamp Revamp tips

Skill 1 Must Hit the Enemy

After revamping, Valir Skill 1 becomes the main source of damage in combat. Especially after the Ultimate skill is revamped so that there are no more powerful burst damage skills.

For this reason you must maximize the use of skill 1. User Valir must know skill 1 has a reset cooldown mechanism for every attack on enemy heroes. This skill also has a stack system so you can attack enemies in a row.

For this reason, make sure you attack the enemy hero each team fight or duel one by one so that the damage stack is completed. Try to minimize the use of skill 1 to clear the creep lane because the cooldown will not reset if only the creep is affected.

And also remember passively, the more often you hit enemies, the faster passive skill stack accumulates so that the enemy is stunned. Therefore, make sure skill 1 really hits the enemy so that Valir’s damage exits maximally.

Always Look Around And Mini Map Before Using Skills 2

Valir is a hero type that must spam skills so that the maximum use. Even so, you have to keep calculating when using skills so that they are not in vain. Especially for skill 2 which is quite tricky.

The knock back skill 2 has a variety of functions. First, you can use it to escape when enemies chase. Second, you can also use it to stop enemy steps during a team fight.

Using this skill to survive is fairly easy. You can combine this skill with Battle Spell Sprint or Flicker so that the enemy really can’t catch up.

And it must be remembered, using this skill when the team fight needs serious timing. Because, the knock back effect will get the enemy out of the area of ​​attack. Instead of being damaged or disabled by teammates, they actually escaped because you threw them backwards.

Maximize Ultimate Skill

Revamp given to Valir as a whole changed the style of play. Valir who used to be passive, now have to be more aggressive. All because of the Ultimate skill mechanism in the form of a buff.

Besides giving buff damage for skills 1 and 2, Ultimate Valir Skill has several other effects. First, there is the buff Movement Speed ​​effect for a few seconds. In addition, this skill also has a debuff effect (anti crowd control).

One other thing you should pay attention to is the cooldown of this skill. Compared to before revamp, now Valir’s ultimate skill cooldown is shorter (30 seconds). This will allow you to be free to spam the ultimate skill.

However, you must also be vigilant and calculate before using the ultimate skill. If you want a team fight, it’s good to delay the ultimate skill. In addition, when you want to activate the ultimate skill, you must ensure that cooldowns 1 and 2 are finished so that the combos can be done properly.

Always Join the Fight Team

Revamp Valir has become more agile and harder to killed than before. All due to changes in the Ultimate skill mechanism that supports mobility and survivability in battle.

Even so, that does not mean the fire controller must play alone. He still needs his teammates to win the fight. Likewise teammates who need special skills from the Hero Mage.

It must be remembered, changing the mechanism of the ultimate skill to a buff does not mean he no longer helps when the team fight. Instead, the buff mechanism makes skills 1 and 2 more dangerous for enemies.

Therefore, you are obliged to always participate when a team fight occurs. Because, all Valir skills greatly support teamwork. Starting from a passive effect that can stun enemies. The area attack also has stronger damage than before.

Don’t Play Solo Lane

Playing Valir, you must be more vigilant before revamping. Because, he still has the same weaknesses as Hero Mage in general, namely crowd control & burst damage.

As explained earlier, the ultimate skill mechanism makes Valir difficult to kill because of the debuff effect and extra Movement Speed. However, sometimes these skills make users a little desperate to play solo lane.

Although it can be separated from the effect of disable with skill ultimate, it does not rule out another wave of attacks coming. Especially if the enemy has a hard-control Hero composition like Chou and Kaja.

Therefore, try to play lane with teammates. If you have to farm and play solo lane, make sure that the enemy with the disabled specialization appears on the mini map.


Revamp applied to Valir received positive respone. This hero has become popular with Mage users, giving them new meta. But, that does not mean he is really overpowered. Need good mastery so that the ability of Valir can get out optimally.

What do you think about the tips above? Do you have your own way to play Valir? Let’s share your opinion in the comments column below! Don’t forget to also read FajarYusuf.Com to get tips and other interesting information about Mobile Legends.

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