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Tips & Trick On How To Get Secret Chest in Genshin Impact

Not long ago released, the Genshin Impact Action RPG game immediately attracted a lot of attention from players because of its charming graphics and very exciting gameplay. Not only that, Genshin Impact can also be played cross-platform on the PS4, PC and Mobile platforms with the same server. If your cellphone is not strong enough to play this game, you can still play it on PC or PS4. And do you know about the secret chest in Genshin Impact?

Yep, for players who have just played this game. FajarYusufdotcom is sure that you will immediately want to explore the vast world in this game and level up quickly to defeat the monsters. And of course you also want to know the secret places that you can go to to get chests containing items, artifacts, and levels.

To get this secret Genshin Impact chest, first you have to go to where you first started the game. Yep, where you first met Paimon:

fajaryusuf.com Chest Rahasia Di Genshin Impact a

When you are there, look towards the sea, there will be a triangle shaped rock. There is where the hidden chest is. How to get there?

If you haven’t got the Kaeya character yet, you have to swim to the rock. But it must be remembered, don’t push the swim fast button because it will use up your stamina, so take it slow.

If you already have Kaeya, here’s how, the first step you have to freeze the water with Kaeya’s skill 1, then switch to the default character (traveler) and stand on the tip of the ice made by Kaeya, after that push and hold skill 1 until the skill is activated automatically. This way, you can create an ice trail and walk on it so you don’t have to swim.


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