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Tips How To Go To Secret Island and Secret Missions In Genshin Impact

Do you know or not? in the Action RPG game Genshin Impact it turns out that there is a secret island that is not even visible on the mini map and on that island there are many chests? Even on the Genshin Impact World Map, this island and the chests and items there were undetected. Because this secret island is far from the mainland.

On this secret island of Genshin Impact, there are two common chests, one exquisite chest and one luxury chest. It contained a high star artifact item. As mentioned in the first paragraph, if the island is far from the mainland, so the only way to get to this island is to use Cryo elemental characters.

If you don’t have one, you can continue playing quests until you get a Kaeya character who is Cryo element. If you already have Kaeya or another Cryo elemental character, the first step you have to do is teleport to the place where you first met Paimon.

The island’s location is here:

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To get there faster, you can use Kaeya’s freeze skill combo and the main character (traveler) to cross the ocean by making ice roads. When you arrive, you will easily find two common chests located on the shoreline.

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Many things you can find on this island. Apart from secret missions, you can also find 5 common chests and 1 Luxurious chest. So before doing a secret mission, look for the 6 chests to get various items. You will also face two mini bosses (Ruin Guards and Eye of the Wind), so prepare a suitable and suitable party to face them.

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If so, destroy the rock that is the barrier in front of the island, then carry out an investigation. Later you will receive an item called Ragged Notebook. The notes will serve as instructions for carrying out secret missions. If you read the note there are two clues, first this mission must be done at 2-5 am game time, and use Vision to track orb trails.

After getting the clue, head upstairs to the statue called Ravaged Carving that’s there. Set the in-game time to 2 a.m. If so, use Vision to trace the trail to destroy the three wind orbs. Destroy all three using the Ameno elemental character.

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If all three have been destroyed, go to the middle and use Ameno’s skill again to bring the Eye of the Wind mini boss . Defeat the monster until there is an event that shows the monster escaping to another island. Follow the wind currents that appear from the center to take you to a new island location.

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Arriving at the new island, you will see a statue that is similar to the one on the previous island. Set the in-game time again to 2 a.m. to bring up this secret mission event. After setting the time, use Vision again to check the three wind orbs. And you have to destroy it with Ameno’s skill again. The difference is, on this island every time the wind orb is destroyed, a Slime Monster will appear.

If the three wind orbs have been destroyed, the Eye of the Wind mini boss will reappear. Defeat the monsters to complete this secret mission called Time and the Wind.


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