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Tips to be a pro player in competitive games like Mobile Legends

With so many enthusiasts of players wanting to become pro player competitive game, the competition will certainly be very tight for those of you who have dreams of becoming a professional player. It is necessary tips and tricks in order to become a pro player in a competitive game like MOBA, Battle royale, Auto Battler and others, such as Mobile Legends, PUBGM, Auto chess, etc.

Surely every player has their own plan and way to become the highest ranked player. Not only individual skills, there are so many commitments that must be undertaken so that you can be successful as a professional player.

In this article FajarYusuf.Com will share tips for those of you who want to achieve dreams and have aspirations for a career as a professional player in competitive games.

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Make friends with all players

Making friends with all players in competitive games is not easy, especially if you make friends with players who are toxic and unfriendly. Of course tips like this might be difficult to accept for some people, but professional players are required to be able to communicate and work together with all parties in the team.

Applying Habits As a Professional Player

From a layman’s perspective, what a professional player sees is just sitting and playing. But a professional player has many activities besides playing and practicing, from diet, exercise, and brain training. Indeed, other training matters are rarely known by others, but since several years ago, esports teams have been doing activities like this to maintain the health and fitness of the players.

Become a One Trick Pony (OTP) Hero or OP Weapon

One Trick Pony (OTP) is a name for a player who is very good at one champion / hero / weapon. This method is the easiest method for climbing ranks and is mostly used by professional players. In order to compete at a high tier level, a high level of understanding around the game is required. After fully mastering one champion, you can learn various other aspects of the game such as macro games and side lane games, ganking, roaming, fighting over gold, backups, and so on.

Make the Team as Early as possible

After you have enough connections, now is the time for you to create a team. The 5-vs-5 game certainly really needs good coordination and synergy. Therefore, making a team as early as possible with players you know will give you an advantage when playing.

Those are tips and tricks so that you can become a pro player in competitive mobile games.


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