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Tips and Trick Auto Chess Combo Glacier & Knight

In Late game is a critical situation for players with the Combo Glacier & Knight build. Players must be able to get Berseker and Dragon Knight to perfect their Combo Glacier & Knight. Players can use a combo of 4 Glaciers and 6 Knights with the following heroes: Defector, Frost Knight, Desperate Doctor, Berseker, Lightblade Knight, Hell Knight, Evil Knight, Argali Knight, and Dragon Knight. A hero with a gold price of 3 and above 2 stars will suffice, but for a hero with a price of 2 and below it must be upgraded to a 3 star

Alternative Combos

In addition to being a combo build 4 Glacier & 6 Knight synergy backup combos that players can use are 4 Glaciers, 4 Knights, 3 Warriors, and 2 Humans. The combo strategy is to reduce the two Knight heroes and add 2 Warrior heroes such as Werewolf and Pirates Captain. The two heroes from the race Human and class Warrior can help players silence enemy enemies and add armor thanks to the Combo Class Warrior.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Combo Glacier & Knight

The weakness of this Combo Glacier & Knight build is the Combo Devinity & Mage. That is because Combo Devinity & Mage can issue hero abilities quickly and continuously. coupled with the skill area of the combo, the Knight heroes will die quickly. As for the strength of combo Glacier & Knight, it is evenly distributed for all other combos except against combo Devinity & Mage.

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