Tips & Trick How to Get Monster Street Fighter in Summoners War

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a mobile game developed by Com2uS from 2014. After 6 years of release, Summoners War finally held their first collaboration event with the fighting game Street Fighter V, the result of this collaboration featuring the characters Ryu, Ken, M. Bison, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim. The Turn based RPG mobile game has successfully brought the intense sensation of Street Fighter battles to the Summoners War game. This collaboration event will last until November 1, 2020. Players can get all Street Fighter V characters with strength levels from *4 and *5. Do you want to know about tips and tricks on how to get Street Fighter V characters in the Summoners War game?

Tips & tricks for getting Street Fighter V characters in the Summoners War game are quite easy. Follow some of the tips below and get Street Fighter character monsters.

Collab Special Pack tips on how to get street fighter monster summoners war a

The easiest way to get Monster Street Fighter is to buy the Collab Special pack. Not only getting Monster Street Fighter, there are many other benefits that players can get. Starting from Devilmon, Crystal, Reappraisal Stone to Reset Status to Rune, *6 Legends Rune, and others.

Collaboration Monster Sticker Event tips on how to get street fighter monster summoners war b

When the player clears the Dungeon, Cairos Dungeon, Dungeon Rift, Raid Rift, and Dimension Hole. Every time you complete a certain difficulty, players will get a Fighter Seal. Every day, players will get 3 opportunities to do Sticker Random Draw. After that, players must collect 60 Fighter Seals to get a chance to Sticker Random Draw. If the player manages to collect Ryu, Ken, M. Bison, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim stickers. Players will get several items to Power Up. When the player has successfully collected all five stickers up to ten times, the player will get 1 Street Fighter Scroll.

Summon Scroll tips on how to get street fighter monster summoners war c

In the in-game Summoners Wars, there are several ways to summon a Monster. One of them is the Summon Scroll. Scroll is divided into several elements and several levels. Until November 1, 2020, the Rate Up for each Street Fighter monster will be increased. Players can immediately get *4 Ryu, M. Bison, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim via the Fire Scroll summon. Whereas on the Mystical Scroll, players can get *4 or *5 monsters Ryu, M. Bison, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim. Not only that, with the Light & Dark Summoning Piece players can also get *4 Dhalsim and Chun-Li. As well as *5 Ryu and M. Bison. Players only need to collect 50 Pieces of each Street Fighter Monster.

Free Ken Event tips on how to get street fighter monster summoners war e

At Ken’s Giveaway event, players will be ordered to collect points. These points can be obtained from using energy, using Arena invitations, and using Dimension Hole Energy. Each activity that players do will generate different points. Then each player can also get bonus points from several other activity factors and can get as many points as possible during the event. This event will last for three times.

Fighter Dimensional Rift tips on how to get street fighter monster summoners war d

The Dimensional Rift fighter will appear every few hours. Every monster that appears, will be in accordance with their respective elements. Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark. This element will represent each Street Fighter Monster. However, there will only be Ryu, M. Bison, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim. Ken only has one element, namely Fire. Players can only get Ken from the Event Giveaway.

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