Tips & Trick Raid Legendary Pokemon Kyurem in Pokemon Go

One of the legendary pokemon has come into the in-game Pokemon Goyep this legendary pokemon is named Kyurem which is a Dragon-Ice type pokemon from Pokemon Black and White.

The presence of the Dragon-Ice Kyurem pokemon in Pokemon Go will be limited and will only be present as a level 5 raid boss. Because this makes the presence of the second Kyurem in this Pokemon mobile AR game.

For players who want to do Kyurem raids in Pokomen Go, here are the tips and tricks!

Time of the Kyurem Raid

Players must know the time for the Kyurem raid, this legendary pokemon will be present from December 1 until January 1. As usual, Raid Battles do not follow the set schedule and can occur at almost any time, but players will receive a notification in-game when the raid will start at the nearest Gym. Kyurem Pokemon Go

To make it easier to track Legendary pokemon, Niantic holds a Raid Hour event every Wednesday night starting at 6-7 pm local time. During this hour, nearly every nearby Gym will turn into a five-star Raid, effectively ensuring players have a chance against Legendary Pokemon. This month’s Kyurem raid will be available on the following dates:

  • December 2nd
  • December 9th
  • December 16th
  • 23 December
  • December 30th

Kyurem’s weakness

As a Dragon-Ice type pokemon, Kyurem has several weaknesses that players can take advantage of, but players can use Fairy type Pokemon, such as Togekiss, Granbull, Gardevoir, and other Fairy types which will be very effective against this Pokemon, although keep in mind that Togekiss will accept super effective damage from Es Kyurem’s attack.

Those are 2 tips and tricks to beat Kyurem’s raid in Pokemon Go!



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