Tips and Tricks for Defeating Mysterious Knight Guardian Tales

Are you looking for ways or tips and tricks to defeat the Mysterious Knight & Get Dark Knight Costumes in the mobile RPG game Guardian Tales? You are at the right article.

You can get the Dark Knight costume for free after defeating the Myterious Knight in Secret Forest after you complete the Kanterbury Forest: 1.1 Inn stage. At the initial level you will not be able to defeat the Mysterious Knight easily, fajaryusufdotcom recommends that you raise the main character level to the maximum level first, which is level 30, but at level 15 you can also defeat the Myterious Knight, by using arrows or long-range weapons. Trick Tips to Beat Mysterious Knight Guardian Tales a

Mysterious Knights have very thick HP, when you fight Mysterious Knights, use skill 2 so that the Mysterious Knights are affected by the Knocked Down / Crowd Control effect, so you can attack them more freely. When the Mysterious Knight gets back up, run to avoid the Mysterious Knight’s deadly skill while waiting for Cooldown skill 2, and you can spam attacks if you use arrows. Do it this way continuously until you win.

With Guardian Tales’ tips and tricks to defeat the Mysterious Knight above, you can get the Dark Knight Costume easily!


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