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Tips and Tricks on How to Play Solo vs Squad in the Free Fire

Are you looking for tips and tricks on how to play Solo vs Squad in the mobile battle royale game Free Fire? so you get lots of kills when playing Free Fire. You are in the right article, because in this article fajaryusufdotcom will provide tips and tricks for playing the Free Fire mobile game when Solo vs Squad, here are the tips:

Get off where there are lots of weapons

When you come down, make sure to pick up any weapons that are in the house. Wear any weapon and don’t be picky. And do looting quickly and precisely.

Aggressive Play

In Solo vs Squad matches, you have to play aggressively and defeat the enemies around you as quickly as possible. Because if not, another squad will come closer. If another enemy or squad has arrived and there is more than one person, then what you have to do is as quickly as possible to avoid and find a hiding place so they don’t find you.

Take Chance When Squads Attack Each Other

If there are two squads around you that are seen attacking each other, you must take the opportunity and eliminate the enemies as much as possible. Keep playing aggressively while the zone hasn’t shrunk. And don’t forget to keep a safe position because you have to remember that this time you are competing 1 vs 4. If you want to kill an enemy, do kill one by one from each member of the squad.

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