fajaryusuf.com tips trick Solo vs Squad free fire

Tips and Tricks on How to Play Solo vs Squad in the Free Fire

Responsive Must Be Trained

You have to practice the Gloo Wall technique in a custom room so that your hands are responsive and able to quickly make a Gloo Wall when you are in a tight position. And don’t forget, use the med kit quickly and loot moderately.

Use a Headset

Wear a headset so you can easily hear enemy steps. No headset with a certain brand is recommended, any brand of headset can be used, provided that the sound condition is still good and the most important thing is comfort.

Always Find a Safe Place

If you see an enemy that is far from your place, first you have to do is find a safe place to shoot the enemy so that it is difficult for the enemy to shoot at us. Get used to your hands too so you know when to jump and shoot.

Stay Calm And Don’t Lust

The most important tips in closing are to be brave, to be able to relieve panic, stay focused, hold back your lust, and don’t be arrogant.
fajaryusuf.com tips trick Solo vs Squad free fire
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