Recommended Yanfei Genshin Impact Weapon & Artifact Build

In 5 star weapons, Yanfei’s best weapon is Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. Lost Prayer has a CRIT Rate main stat, and can give bonus elemental damage of 8%, which can stack up to 32% if you don’t swap. This weapon is perfect for Yanfei, because playing it you must not swap for a long time. As an alternative, the Skyward Atlas weapon also has bonus elemental damage, and a 5-star weapon stat.4 Star Weapon RecommendationsIn 4 star weapons, the best choice is two weapons. Weapon The Widsith provides Crit DMG stat, and three random effects from the weapon’s skills (ATK, Elemental Mastery, Elemental DMG) are very useful for Yanfei. However, this weapon requires a high refine level to become the best 4 star weapon. If you don’t have it, then the other best 4-star weapon for Yanfei is the Solar Flare. Solar Flare gives a bonus CRIT Rate, and increases normal attack damage and skills. Even though it doesn’t increase the damage charge attack, Solar Flare is the best choice if you don’t have a Widsith with lots of refines.

Yanfei Artifact Recommendation

The best artifact recommendation for Yanfei, you can choose between two artifact builds. As of now it’s still uncertain which of the two builds is better, but it’s clear that these two builds are better than the other artifact builds.

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