Recommended Yanfei Genshin Impact Weapon & Artifact Build

Crimson Witch of FlamesThe Crimson Witch (CW) artifact effect can give Yanfei an additional 15% Pyro damage. As a catalyst character, this is very important, because Yanfei’s damage is completely Pyro, unlike Bennett whose normal attacks are physical. Not only that, the 4-set CW bonus can also increase Melt or Vaporize damage, and increase the Pyro DMG bonus to 37.5% as long as you continue to use skills.Wanderer’s TroupeWanderer’s Troupe is an excellent choice of artifacts for any bow or catalyst character that relies heavily on charge attacks. Of course, because the 4-set Wanderer effect gives a 35% bonus damage to the charge attack. Not only that, the 2-set Wanderer bonus also increases EM by 80, so Melt and Vaporize damage also increases.

Yanfei Team’s recommendation

Here are the team recommendations that I am a good fit for Yanfei. The goal of this team is to activate as many Vaporize and Melt reactions as possible. Xingqiu and Kaeya function to apply Hydro and Cryo elements, so that Yanfei can inflict more damage using his charge attacks and skills. Zhongli is used to reduce the opponent’s Pyro RES and increase Yanfei’s damage. Not only that, Zhongli’s shield is also very useful, because Yanfei is very easy to attack when doing a charge attack.Source: Genshin Impact===Read more articles related to other mobile games on the mobile game information website FajarYusuf.Com. Follow Facebook Fanpages and Google News FajarYusuf.Com so you don’t miss any updated information!

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