ML Leak Today 15 September 2019, Skin Release Date & Background Effect

Today September 14, Mobile Legends / ML leaked some updated content, including the release date of skin Floral Knight Lancelot, skin Starlight November Grock, the Background Effect skin Angelic Agent Lesley, and Wallpaper skin Winter Guardian Masha :

Skin Starlight November Grock

Grock will get a Starlight skin for November under the tittle Iceland Golem.

Skin Starlight October Grock

Masha’s Winter Guardian Skin Wallpaper

It is well known that Masha is a Hero who has 3 HealthPoint bars, and has a mode of change to Spirit Bear, with this winter guardian skin wallpaper,

Masha will turn into a polar bear spirit!

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Masha's Winter Guardian Skin Wallpaper

Release Date Skin Floral Knight Lancelot

Skin Epic with the name Floral Knight for Hero Lancelot will be released on September 29, are you one of those who is waiting for its release? And want to buy it?

Release date for Floral Knight Lancelot Skin

Skin Legend Lesley Angelic Agent Background Effect

The Legend Skin is the most expensive skin on Mobile Legends, and the next hero to get this skin is Lesley, with the title Angelic Agent, here is a video leaked background effects from the skin Legend Lesley Angelic Agent:

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