ML Leak Today 23 Nov, New Skin Survey Gusion, Guinevere & Clint

Today, November 23rd 2019, Mobile Legends / ML has leaked someupdated content, including new skin survey for Gusion, Guinevere, and Clint:

New Survey Skin Gusion

Again, Gusion will get another cool skin, which skin survey do you choose for Gusion user?

New Gusion Survey Skin

New Survey Skin Guinevere

The new Skin Survey for Guinevere this time is themed like Epic Kagura or Epic Alice skin. Which one do you like?

New Skin Survey Guinevere

New Clint Survey Skin

Finally, the cool Clint skin will come, from the three skin surveys under all that are good according to FajarYusuf.Com.

New Clint Survey Skin


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