ML Leak Today December 15th, Many Skins Will Be Released

Today December 15th 2019, Mobile Legends / ML provides leaked someupdated content, including skins that will be released, new Effect Recall, and Belerick Revamp:

Skin X.Brog Moto Drift

Xborg Moto Drift

Skin Claude Christmas Carnival

Claude Christmas Carnival

Skin Badang Susano’o

Belerick Revamp Display Animation

Belerick Revamp

Skin Guinevere Amethyst Dance

Guinevere Amethyst Dance

Skin Hanabi Rakshesha

Hanabi Rakshesha Skin
Skin Hanabi Rakshesha wallpaper

Mobile Legends Animation Christmast Gift

New Effect Elimination Kill

Recall Effect Chrismas

Recall Effect Seal Of Anvil Crawler

Carmilla And Cecilion Skin Survey

Carmilla And Cecilion Skin Survey

New Hero Survey

New Hero Survey

Skin Survey Valir

Valid Skin Survey

Kimmy’s Skin Charge Leader

Kimmy charge leader

Skin Estes Bishop Crow Wallpaper

Estes Crow Bishop

Skin Deathrock Martis Wallpaper

Madrid Deathrock

Skin Lunox Butterfly Seraphim

Lunox butterfly Seraphim

Skin Celestical Outlow Sun

Sun Celestical Outlow


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