ML Leak Today January 9th 2020, All Skin Entrance Will Be Release!

Today, January 9th 2020, Mobile Legends / ML has leaked some updated content, including skin survey chang’e and various skin entrance which will be release below:

Chang’e Skin Survey

Chang'e Skin Survey

Skin Combat Maiden Masha

Skin Combat Maiden Masha

Skin Gill Girl Karrie

Gill Girl Karrie Skin

Skin Crow Bishop Estes

Skin Crow Bishop Estes

Skin Countless Wisteria Carmilla

Carmilla Countless Wisteria Skin

Skin Seraphim Butterfly Lunox

Seraphim Lunox Butterfly Skin

Skin Auspicious Charm Odette

Auspicious Charm Odette skin

Skin Star Student Lylia

Skin Star Student Lylia

All Entrance Skins That Will Be Release

ML Leak 9 Januari 2020


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