ML Leak Today September 17 2019, Many Surveys & Painted Skins!

Today, September 17, Mobile Legends / ML has leaked some updated content, including new Gusion survey skin, Khufra and Esmeralda couple skin survey, a new Natalia skin survey, painted skins, and skins that will be released in October:

New Gusion Survey Skin

There are 3 survey skins released, which of the three do you think is the best?

1.Skin Gusion themed dark knight with red black

New Gusion Survey Skin

2.Skin Gusion themed royal knight owl motif with white purple

New Gusion Skin Survey 2

3.Skin Gusion new themed warrior with a mask, red and orange

New Gusion Skin Survey 3

Skin Survey Couple Khufra and Esmeralda

Finally, the skin couple will be dedicated to the Hero tank, Yap Khufra and Esmeralda will get a skin couple, it is not yet known whether this skin couple is to celebrate Valentine’s events like Gusion & Lesley / Alucard & Miya or just a skin couple like Fanny & Claude. Do you think it’s good number 1 or number 2?

Skin Survey Couple Khufra and Esmeralda

New Natalia Skin Survey

Natalia finally got a new skin, after all this time being forgotten, this senior Hero finally got a new skin model that was similar to the Selena toxic skin.

New Natalia Skin Survey

Skin that will be released in October

The skins that are confirmed to be released for next October are the Selena Starlight skin, Hayabusa Epic skin, Baxia normal skin, Esmeralda elite skin, Akai special skin, Aldous Epic skin, Helcurt Zodiac skin, and Angela special skin:

Skin that will be released in October

Painted Skin to Be Released Next

Painted gum skin
Painted argus skin
Painted miya skin
Painted Skin Lunox
Painted harley skin
Painted natalia skin
Painted Kagura skin
Painted cyclop skin


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