ML/Mobile Legends New Skin Survey Kadita, Which One Do You Choose?

ML / Mobile Legends has just leaked the next skin that will be released for Hero Mage from Indonesia, Yap Kadita will get a new skin with this new skin survey.

Which of the three skins do you think is appropriate to be the next skin for release?

1. New Skin Survey Kadita Pink Bird Motives

New Skin Survey for Kadita Pink Bird Motif

2. New Skin Survey Kadita Queen Of The Kingdom

Kadita Queen's New Skin Survey

3. New Skin Survey Kadita Red Ornamental Fish

New Skin Survey for Kadita Red Ornamental Fish

Most players choose skin survey number 3 because it matches the appearance of the water / ocean themed Kadita, for skin survey number 1 many say if it is more suitable for Pharsa, and number 2 is not suitable for Kadita who live in water.

If you think which one do you like?

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