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These are 3 Hero Counter Esmeralda Mobile Legends

At the beginning of the release of Esmeralda on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang original server, this hero immediately changed the existing meta, Esmeralda became a subscription to ban and pick every match. However, mobile legends heroes that are too overpowered will definitely be nerf in the next few updates.

Nerf had also been applied to Esmeralda, which had been forgotten by the players. The emergence of the Hyper Carry meta lately turned out to make Esmeralda again the pick of choice at this time. But now Esmeralda has become a offlaner role hero.

Not only is it a good lane keeper because of its high endurance, Esmeralda is also a good producer of damage for the team. This makes Esmeralda a hero who is feared in the current offlaner position.

But apparently there is still a chance to counter Esmeralda, are you curious what heroes are suitable to fight Esmeralda? Here are three heroes that you can choose for the Esmeralda Counter:


fajaryusuf.com hero counter esmeralda thamuz

The ultimate skill Thamuz ( Cauterant Inferno ) is very reliable against esmeralda, besides regenerating its ultimate HP is full of damage bursts that can penetrate Esmeralda’s shields.


fajaryusuf.com valir

First skill Valir ( Burst Fireball ) is also suitable to fight esmeralda, the skill is able to burn and make stun when hit by a stack of these skills. Even if the Fireball Burst is continuously exposed to enemies, this skill will not have a cooldown.


fajaryusuf.com lunox

Lunox is one of Esmeralda’s natural counter heroes. Lunox is one of Esmeralda’s counters because the skill possessed is a burst skill. Especially in the ultimate skill ( Power of Chaos ) which deals burst damage repeatedly.


Those are 3 heroes who are suitable to fight the Esmeralda FajarYusuf.Com version, if you have criticism and another tips please leave a comment!

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