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5 Advantages of Khaleed Mobile Legends New Overpower Hero

Again, Moonton releases a new hero who is very overpower in the Mobile Legends game, yep Khaleed recently appeared on the original server and became a threat to other heroes. If you are curious about what makes this Khaleed hero an overpower, FajarYusufDotCom has summarized the 5 advantages of Khaleed Mobile Legends below:

  1. High Roaming Mobility
  2. Have Good Defense & Healing Skill
  3. Greater Damage with Passive Skill
  4. Threatening Opponents in the Early Game
  5. Ultimate Crowd Control Skill
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High Roaming Mobility

When the Desert Power (energy below HealthPoint) is fully charged, Khaleed will stand on the sand and this will increase Movement Speed ​​by 25%. Surely this is very profitable to make roaming and ganking easier.

Have Good Defense & Healing Skill

Khaleed has 2 Quicksand Guard skills which have the effect of regenerating HealthPoint by 60 + 5% of his HealthPoint. Not only adds HealthPoint but also protects it from damage inflicted by the enemy by 50%.

Greater Damage with Passive Skills

Not only does it provide movement speed for roaming and ganking while standing on the sand, Sand Walk (passive skill) also increases physical damage by + 160% total physical.

Threatening Opponents in the Early Game

Skill 1 Khaleed Desert Tornado generates 250 + 120% damage and every time it hits an enemy hero, this skill can be used again, a maximum of 3 times, of course this will be a very useful skill when dealing with enemies during the early game.

Ultimate Crowd Control Skill

All player Mobile Legends lately really like wearing hero who has the annoying crowd control such as the Popol & Kupa, Selena, Luo Yi, etc. Khaleed’s Raging Sandstorm (Ultimate Skill) is very annoying because it pushes the enemy in a sandstorm and gives it a stun effect.


Those are the 5 Advantages of Khaleed Mobile Legends, are you increasingly interested in using this overpower hero when the match ranks?

Source: YouTube Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Khaleed's Vengeance | New Hero | Khaleed Trailer | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!
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