This is 5 heroes in Mobile Legends for Aldous counter

Are you still afraid of Aldous when playing ranked in Mobile Legends? You have to try this, here are 5 heroes in Mobile Legends for Aldous counter that you must use!

Aldous is currently one of the strongest fighter heroes in the MOBA Mobile Legends game, especially during the late-game. Aldous can defeat enemy heroes with just one attack.

The damage is very terrible for the players who fight it. Therefore will provide 5 of the most effective Aldous hero counters.

Hero counter aldous mobile legends


Chou’s skill 2 can be immune from Aldous attacks and Chou’s ultimate skill can kill Aldous quickly and is certainly very effective against this hero.


With 2 Nana skills that can stop Aldous attacks very effectively. Aldous will not be able to do anything if hit by Nana’s skill 2 range.


Skill 2 Valir plays an important role in countering Aldous, because Valir can drive Aldous out with skill 2. In addition, 3 Valir skills can also do immune.


This hero has terrible skill 3 that can stop all opponent attacks instantly, including attacks from Aldous.


Akai is not the hero that Aldous is aiming for. But Akai can counter Aldous with his 3 skills when Aldous comes to attack his teammate.

Yep, those are the Mobile Legends heroes who can counter Aldous very effectively. What do you think?


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