Here are 6 Hero Mobile Legends Anti Crowd-Control To Counter Selena

Selena is currently one of the most overpowered midlaner support heroes in the MOBA Mobile Legends game. This hero is very often used because of the fun gameplay and also has Crowd-Control effects and high burst damage so it can kill enemies easily, but don’t worry, there’s also a counter hero to fight Selena.

In MPL Season 7, Selena is a hero that is often used by pro players with very good performance, so she is often banned. In ranked Mobile Legends, Selena is one of the most frequently picked heroes with a pick rate of 1.49% and a ban rate of 19.48%.

But don’t worry, because there are 6 hero counters of Selena Mobile Legends that are the most powerful to fight it.

Hero counter selena mobile legends


Chou has skill 2 which can give him an immune effect, so Selena’s Abyssal Arrow when it hits Chou who is using skill 2, the Abyssal Arrow will disappear and will not be affected by Chou. And Chou’s ultimate skill can also kill Selena instantly.


Wanwan has skill 2 which can make her remove all crowd-control effects. When the Abyssal Arrow hits Wanwan, players only have to use skill 2 to remove the stun effect before being comboed by Selena’s attack.


Just like Wanwan, Kagura also has 2 Rasho Umbrella skills that can remove all crowd-control effects. The method is quite easy, when Kagura’s umbrella is in a grip and then hit by Crowd-Control Selena, Kagura only needs to use skill 2 to remove it, there is also another way, namely using skill 1 Kagura to throw the umbrella in another direction, then when hit by an arrow use skill 2 to change places.

Popol and Kupa

Popol and Kupa are the best counter heroes against Selena. Selena’s burst combo is very dependent on Abyssal Arrow skill 2 when it hits the opponent’s hero. Because of that Popol is a very effective unit to block Selena’s abyssal arrow.

Popol also has skill 3 by placing a trap that can open vision in the area around the trap, it can also be placed on the bush. So that the enemy team that has Popol can also have the same vision as Selena’s trap.


Diggie has the ultimate Time Journey skill which has a Purify effect on all team heroes around Diggie. When your team’s hero is hit by the Abyssal Arrow from Selena, you can use Diggie’s ultimate skill so that the stun effect is erased instantly.


Phoveus has an ultimate that can jump and hit heroes who use dashes around. Selena is a hero with dash abilities that can be used 4x during combos.

If you are annoyed when you face Selena, you can try the 6 best heroes above to counter Selena and it is guaranteed that Selena’s enemy will be useless! If you have other heroes that are suitable for Selena’s counter, please comment below.


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