List of 8 Skins in Mobile Legends That Will Be Released in June 2021

The MOBA Mobile Legends game is currently one of the mobile games that always provides new content. Not only new heroes, Moonton as a developer also often presents skins to make the existing heroes look less boring. Including the Mobile Legends skins which will be released in June.

In the current mobile game market, skins will be a worthy investment for serious players in collecting all the content in the game. Mobile Legends has also announced in their official Twitter post that they will release a new skin in June.

The following are the Mobile Legends skins that will be released in June:

skin skins mobile legends June June 2021

Ling: Serene Plume

The hero known as the most agile Assassin, Ling was able to jump through walls. This hero will get a new skin called Serene Plum in June.

Lunox: Eyes of Eternity

This fantasy-themed skin features an original Order-and-Chaos design. Skin Eyes of Eternity will make Lunox the perfect Twilight Goddess.

Not only that, this skin will be presented as an Epic type skin that players seem to be able to buy at the in-game store for 899 Diamonds.

Esmeralda: The Foreseer

Esmeralda will also get new skins that players can collect. The Foreseer will be Esmeralda’s first Hero Series skin.

Mathilda: Flower Crown

As a hero who is often banned by players, Mathilda will get a new skin in June. This new skin will definitely make Mathilda’s popularity even higher because currently Mathilda is one of the best supports in the game.

Flower Crown will be an Elite type skin available in the in-game shop.

Franco: Bone Crusher

Franco will get a new skin called Bone Crusher. This skin is announced to be First Puchase for Season 21.

Together with Franco, the Kaja Crow Mahician skin is also planned to be a Skin Season 20 prize that can be claimed by rank Masters and above at the end of the season.

This new skin is one of the items that players who are skin collectors should not miss. Apart from the new skins, several previously released skins will also be back in June.

The Zhask Cancer skin will be available again on June 21 as part of the annual Zodiac Encore event. In addition, the Leomord Triumph Eagle skin will also be back in June.

And what’s important is that the Starlight skin for June will release the Jawhead Candy Bear skin which can be purchased starting June 1.

Source: Twitter Mobile Legends


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