Ad Shop New Mobile Legends Feature Give Free Dyrroth & Esme Skins

Do you already know? There is a new feature in the MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang game where players can get one free skin for Esmeralda skin or Dyroth skin. Yep, a new feature called Ad Shop in the Mobile Legends game.

On the advanced server Mobile Legends Moonton has implemented this Ad Shop feature into the game. This latest Ad Shop feature features Esmeralda skins and Dyrroth skins which can be obtained free of charge. This feature is part of the chest that contains advertisements on Mobile Legends items.

The location of this feature can be found by the player in the shop -> fragment -> section then the rightmost tab titled Ad Shop. Later players can shop at Ad Shop with an item called an Ad Ticket. Ad Shop Mobile Legends free skin

How to play this feature is very easy, able to fill empty time for players:

  • Go to the shop.
  • Click the chest that contains advertisements.
  • Watch an ad.
  • After finishing watching, players will get random prizes, there are battle points, chest emblems, ad tickets and so on.
  • If the player is lucky, the player will get an Ad Ticket, but if the player is not lucky, he will get battle points or other prizes.
  • If the Ad Tickets have been collected according to the provisions, players can exchange them for free skins, Esmeralda skins or Dyrroth skins.

The exact date of this event on the original server is still unclear but according to rumors in a future update this feature will be coming to the original server soon.

So let’s wait, who else doesn’t want to get Esmeralda and Dyrroth skins for free in Mobile Legends.


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