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Alucard Getting Buff on Patch Update 1.4.88

Alucard will get revamp in the Mobile Legends game, besides Alucard there are also Zilong and Eudora who get revamped. On the patch update 1.4.88 on the Advanced Server, Alucard gets an update which is a very useful buff for Alucard, and is likely to make the hero enter meta.

In the patch update 1.4.88, it was written that Alucard’s Fission Wave skill had a change in Physical Lifesteal effect, getting a buff from 25-45% to 40-60%. Certainly this is a very high lifesteal effect skill, and surely Alucard will be the king of lifesteal in the Land of Dawn.

fajaryusuf.com alucard Buff Update Patch 1.4.88 a

Alucard is indeed a Hero that is often chosen by players because of the lifesteal effect that makes it able to attack a crowd of enemies without fear of running out of healthpoints, because he always gets a lifesteal every time he attacks the enemy, and makes enemy attacks useless, but of course must be careful of crowd control which is Alucard’s weakness.

If later this pacth update is released on the original server, the users of Alucard will be able to return to their heyday and show that the Alucard Hero is a calculated and useful Hero in Meta to destroy other heroes.

Developer: Moonton

Source: Advance Server Mobile Legends

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