Item Awe Mask, Make Hanzo overpowered, You Must Use!

Hanzo a Hero with role Assassin , which according to FajarYusuf.Com, is no longer a meta in Mobile Legends match lately.

But, recently, Hanzo back into meta match with the strategy of the new item.

You do not believe? Intrigued with new gameplay Hanzo? See explanation below!

Hanzo Now Have Crowd Control!

Hanzo an Assassin hero who has specialized farming is quite high.

However, the weakness of Hanzo is he does not have a skill that gives the effect of crowd control to his opponents.

Additionally, Hanzo is not easy to be stun a target lock an opponents.

Therefore, it makes sense Hanzo not be meta in the current match.

Awe Mask Changing Gameplay Hanzo.

Now, FajarYusuf.Con have discovered how Hanzo order to perform locking and stun the target to the opponent with ease.

Awe Mask mlbb
Awe Mask

The picture above is the item roam latest Awe Mask .

Effects of Awe Mask is a basic damage will give a mark to Hero opponent for 3 seconds.

Hero hit the mark of the Awe Mask will be exposed to the effects of Crowd Control for 2 seconds, when it was attacked 5 times.

Awe mask can be combined with skill 2 (Demon Mode) because this skill using basic attack damage Hanzo.

Opponents hit full damage from skills 2 (Demon Mode) will definitely stun for 2 seconds.

With these conditions Hanzo could easily kill the target.

According FajarYusuf.Com use between Hanzo + Awe Mask could be a new meta to the match this time.

Let not curious, watch the video below.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Source: mobilelegends

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