Badang Zodiac Skin Leo Release Date and Gameplay Teaser

Moonton has released a teaser video for one of the newest Zodiac skins to be released, and the one who will get this skin is Badang.

This Zodiac Badang skin will be released at the end of July, with the name Zodiac Leo.

In a teaser video on the YouTube Mobile Legends channel, look at Badang with a very cool Leo skin!

Badang Zodiac skin Leo

Besides that, you can see all the skill effects from this Leo skin.

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For skill 1, Badang takes out cosmic blue fireballs.

For skill 2, Badang moves forward and takes out the blue fort.

And for the ultimate skill, Badang takes out blows with stunning cosmic effects.

This Zodiac Leo Badang skin has also been confirmed to be released on July 23, 2019.

Please watch the teaser below:

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