Bane Revamp Advance Server Mobile Legends, This is the Difference!

Do you already know that Bane Revamp is officially present on the advanced server game MOBA Mobile Legends, and in this article, we will explain what the changes are.

As players know, Bane was announced to have a new revamp again. And this revamp has been released on the advanced server Mobile Legends and players can try directly who have access to the advanced server.

But for players who don’t have access to the advanced server Mobile Legends, will provide information to players about the Bane revamp.

First on the appearance of Bane, in the revamp version Bane has a face that is more creepy than before. While the shape and height of the body are still the same as before. The changes are only in the face. Bane Revamp mobile legends

Then there is a change in Skill 1 and Skill 2 Bane, these two skills are more or less the same as before. It’s just that in skill 1 the cannon fired by Bane becomes bigger.

Whereas in skill 2, the water bursts from Bane have an area that is also enlarged. In addition, in skill 2 Bane while drinking water, the gameplay turns like a drunk.

And finally in skill 3 Bane, this skill still has a bug that makes its appearance still not change. Bane’s revamp should be on skill 3, the animation display that appears is not a Shark anymore, but an Octopus tentacle.

Source: Mobile Legends Leak


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