Fans Must Have! Battle Emote Lemon RRQ

The Battle Emote feature in the MOBA game Mobile Legends is an interesting feature for players to use since its appearance. Emote is often used by players during matches, even pro players use it to make opponents become emotional so they do not focus on the match, or just vent happiness or sadness.Because this feature is very important, Moonton took the initiative to provide a special battle emotion using the faces of popular pro players. When it was first presented, the Onic team that got this emote was the first time they won the MSC a few years ago. UdilPsychooAnti Mage and Sasa get special battle emote their faces that can be used in matches.
Battle Emote Lemon Lemon
Now there is MPL Season 5 champion who is a rival of the EVOS team, Yap Lemon RRQ gets a special prize to become a battle emote in the MOBA game Mobile Legends. Even some time ago they had voted for a posture that would be used as a battle emot special RRQ Lemon edition.And now RRQ has announced the results of the vote, many choose cool poses which are the hallmark of Lemon who rarely smiles. They also announced that this battle emoticon will be present on June 16th. For RRQ fans, don’t miss it!Source:  Instagram teamrrq

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