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Battle Spell Aegis Mobile Legends Bang Bang Will Get Buff Shield

Mobile Legends Bang Bang in-game has a variety of unique battle spells that can be used to assist during the match to gangkin, win war, cancle crowd control, etc. Some of the most commonly used battle spells by players are Retribution, and of course Flicker. But there are some battle spells that are quite helpful in some situations, one of which is the Aegis battle spellwhich can be used to provide shields to heroes and teams in the spell area, and Aegis will get a buff in the next update.

Aegis will get a buff from Moonton so that this battle spell is more useful in the Early-game, the buff increases the shield from 720 to 800, not only that, they also add the spell effect for other players / allies to 70%. Because this battle spell can withstand quite high damage when getting an attack from an enemy and is different from the revitalize spell, Aegis users will immediately get the shield effect, making it quite useful to fight heroes who have burst damage like Eudora and Aurora in Early. games.

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Not only that, the aegis effect will also increase when the player uses the “Oracle” defense item, this item adds the effect of the Aegis shield from 800 to 1040 depending on the user. The effect of the Aegis buff will certainly increase the popularity of the battle spell.


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