Beatrix The New Hero Marksman for Mobile Legends Game

Recently, a rumor has circulated that Mobile Legends Bang Bang will release a new marksman hero named Beatrix. This news is also reinforced by the design leak which is also accompanied by the lore of the hero, which further strengthens the possibility that it will soon be released in the mobile MOBA game.

Yep, the new hero in question is named Beatrix, Beatrix will be one of the hardest marksman heroes in Mobile Legends.

Beatrix will be equipped with 4 weapons with unique names, namely Bennet, Renner, Wesker, and Nibiru. Beatrix mobile legends
source: kazuki official

Each attack generated by these weapons will replace Beatrix’s 3 skills. Each weapon has its own ammunition, and ammunition must be refilled after use.

Surely each weapon Beatrix uses has its own unique skill effect, in terms of attack distance, strength or attack range.

However, there is currently no special animation that describes the weapon’s skill, so players still have to wait for more information.

Based on rumors, the release date for this new marksman hero is expected to be released in March 2021. And chances are, Beatrix will appear after Yve.

Beatrix is ​​the 105th hero currently being developed by Moonton for the MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang game.

Sumber: VY Gaming


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