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Belerick on the next Mobile Legends update get a Reflection Efect Buff

The MOBA game Mobile Legends Bang Bang players must already know about the Belerick hero tank. A hero tank that has a very high health point, Belerick is also one of the tanks that is not very popular in pick heroes in Mobile Legends. Especially after the release of the Gatot Kaca revamp which made Gatot Kaca an OverPower.However, that doesn’t mean Belerick doesn’t have good skills in competing in META right now. It’s just that there are still many tanks that are better than the Belerick. It seems Moonton is aware of this, Moonton finally gave an update to improve the overall skills for the Belerick tank hero.
fajaryusuf.com belerick mobile legends buff update reflection
In this update, Moonton will increase Belerick’s skill to make tank damage using large Health. Each tank item that provides additional health for Belerick, will give more than 50% additional HP to the tank hero.Not only that, when hit, Belerick will give a counter depending on the size of Max HP, 100-170 + 2% every few seconds. For example Belerick has 10,000 Max HP, 2% is 200 + 170 = 370 Damage. If you fight Claude who uses the Demon Hunter Sword, Belerick will kill the hero easily, especially when using other skills.

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