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Belerick Revamp, Change of Form and Change of Skill!

Moonton again made a Mobile Legends content update in patch 1.4.26. The update will be good news for Tank role users. Because, the patch update will be applied to the remodel as well as rework or revamp for Belerick.

Now, Belerick is no longer tangible as a ducking monster. Finally Belerick stood up to become a humanoid tree creature.

The remodel applied to the hero in the form of a plant monster is certainly very interesting. Especially if you look at revamp Bruno and Valir who are now entering in meta rank. Will this happen again to Belerick?

Previously, Belerick was seen very rarely chosen in the Land of Dawn match rank. The rework that happened to Belerick was the same as Valir’s revamp. Almost all skills have changed.

The first change occurred in skill 1, from Nature’s Vine to Wrath of Thorns. The effect on this skill changed which initially caused immobilize to now become a damage area. This skill deals 250 Magic Damages (+60% Total Magic Power) and increases damage by 50% for minions.

As information, this skill is able to remove as many as three rows of thorns. In addition, the user cannot use this skill with the origin of the tap because it is a Hero lock. Which means, Wrath of Thorns can only be used when dealing with enemies.

The next change occurs in the ultimate skill. For the naming, it didn’t experience changes like skill 1, but the effect totally changed.

belerick rework

Mobile Legends players certainly know, if you want to stop your opponent’s move with Belerick, players will use skill 1. That won’t happen in the Belerick rework version.

In the latest patch, belerick users can use the ultimate skill to get an immobilized effect for 1.5 seconds. Not only that, a change in Belerick’s ultimate will also cause Magic Damage of 400 – 800 (+60% of Total Magic Power).

Even Belerick users can more easily stop an opponent’s movements than the old Belerick version. The conditions are very easy, Belerick users only have to activate the ultimate skill and reach out to the enemy without the need to aim forward in the face as before.

Meanwhile, skill 2 and its passivity did not change in effect. Changes that occur only in the passive display animation that looks more fierce with thorns that attack the enemy.

What do you think about Belerick’s rework? Will Belerick Revamp be included as a meta rank later? If you have a comment, you write it in the comments column ya!

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