Brody "The Lone Star" Mobile Legends Will Be Released On October 16th

Mobile Legends Bang Bang always seems to never get bored of releasing new heroes every month. After releasing Barats, now Moonton will soon release Brody "The Lone Star" in the Mobile Legends game on October 16th.

Brody is a Marksman hero who has a specialization or specialty in Burst / Reap. Brody has three skills that provide damage, slow effects, and stun / crowd control effects, making Brody worthy of being counted as an overpower hero.

Not only releasing spotlight videos of various skills and gameplay, the developer also presents a story from Brody which is quite interesting. Brody seemed to suffer from being laughed at by people and forgot about himself. Brody is angry and continues to fight against wild animals that resemble Komodo dragons in the middle of the forest. Brody The Lone Star Mobile Legends a

The reason Brody has lost his memory is because he was exposed to magic that also befell the people in his village. Brody no longer remembers his past, all he remembers is screams and screams.

The story about Brody new haro marksman in Mobile Legends ends with a very interesting sentence, namely "Sorrow is Proof that I'm Still Alive."

Source: YouTube Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Siapa "Aku"? | Hero Baru | Trailer BRODY | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!
Watch this video on YouTube.
Spotlight Hero | Brody | The Lone Star | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Watch this video on YouTube.


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