Buff Limit Attack Speed Marksman Returns META On New Update

Upgrading the system and also the performance promised by Moonton for the Mobile Legends game has become the most awaited thing by the players for sure. Not only upgrading the addition of content, Mobile Legends also often fixes and adjusts in the form of buff and nerf on the current patch, to get a balance for each role hero in Mobile Legends.

Yep, on the update just released by Moonton, it was reported that Mobile Legends will increase Limit Attack Speed ! which is certainly very important for Marksman heroes who rely heavily on Attack Speed, and the possibility of meta marksman will return.

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In the latest update, Mobile Legends changes the attack speed limit from 2.5 to 3. This means that the hero can do 3 basic attacks every second. Which means the DPS (Damage per Second) given by the hero becomes very pronounced.

Surely this update will improve META Marksman which was previously replaced by Hyper Carry hero Assassin in recent seasons. Not only that, they also explained that each additional 40% attack speed obtained from items would increase 0.4 attack speed owned by each hero. So when a hero gets an additional total attack speed of 25%, the hero will get an additional 0.25 attack speed every second.

Publisher: Moonton

Source: New Mobile Legends Patch

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