Don’t Pick Carmilla! New Bug Mobile Legends Found!

Mobile Legends on January 17th yesterday released a new hero support named Carmilla. Carmilla is a hero who has annoying skills. In the ultimate skill Carmilla will share the damage given to 3 heroes connected by the ultimate skill, and also have a slow effect. However, it turns out that this hero support has a very fatal Bug!.

Based on Elgin gaming video, players who use Carmilla will get a bug lock. In this bug all skills possessed by players will suddenly be unusable and will have a cross, players will no longer be able to use skills. Even the player who did the relogging still couldn’t use the skill. Not only that, this bug will also appear to your teammates.

Carmilla Mobile Legends bug

But it is still unknown whether this bug is caused by Carmilla completely. Because it is only rumored that this Bug is active if Carmilla is on a map and this bug has existed since the Carmilla Patch Update. So it is not surprising that the players immediately thought that the bug was caused by the new hero support.

Have you, as a mobile legends player, also experienced this bug? If so, what did you do at that time?

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