Build Items, Emblem, And Spell Lylia, Kill Enemies So Easy!

Build Items, Emblem, And Spell Lylia, Kill Enemies So Easy!

Lylia is a Mage hero, who was just officially released on July 23 yesterday by Mobile Legends .

This cute hero has a different gameplay than other mage heroes.

Because Lylia’s specialty is as a Trapper hero !

How do you play Lylia to easily kill enemies? Read the explanation below to Lylia build items, emblems, and spells, so you become a great Trapper!

Lylia Item Build

item build lylia
  • Demon Shoes is the best choice of shoes for Lylia. Because with these shoes, Lylia doesn’t need to fear running out of Mana , because these shoes will continue to regenerate mana quickly. Lylia must often spam skills 1 and 2 , which means Lylia needs very many mana.
  • Lightning Truncheon will make Lylia a feared trapper specialist hero, Lylia is a Hero Mage whose source of damage comes from traps generated from skill 2 . By using this item, Lylia can get additional magic damage which if the opponent is hit once the combo is confirmed to be dying even in the Early Game !
  • Ice Queen Wand will greatly help Lylia to kill her target, because the effects of this item can make the opponent exposed to a 15% movement speed reduction. In this way Lylia is no longer troubled to pursue her target.
  • Fleeting Time is a core item for Lylia, because by using this item, Lylia will more easily master the condition of the team fight. Because the effect of this item can reduce the ultimate cooldown skill by 30%, if Lylia gets a kill or assist.
  • Genius Wand is an item that makes Lylia increasingly feared by opponents in the team fight. Because besides reducing the opponent’s defense defense , Lylia will also get additional movement speed that is useful for the skill 2.
  • Holy Crystal is the last item or Ultimate item for Lylia. This item can add magic power of 25-30%, there will be a lot of magic damage received by the opponent if it is hit by a combo skill when Lylia uses this item.

Recommended Emblem

lylia emblem

FajarYusuf.Com advises Lylia to use the Custom Mage emblem, because of all the damage from magical type Lylia.

In tier 3 emblem, you can use Magic Worship to burn opponents with considerable magic damage .

In addition, you can make Lylia use a Custom Magical emblem.

In the tier 3 emblem, you can use Magic Power Surge which aims to increase the magic attack by 11-25.

Recommended Battle Spell

Recommended Battle Spell Lylia

Lylia will be better if you use Flicker to survive in the game.

Because you can use Flicker when Lylia is dying or being chased by enemies.

Another option is Sprint, can be used when Lylia is chasing enemies or running away from gripping conditions.

By using Sprint, you will find it easier to survive in the team fight.

Build Skill Lylia

Build Skill Lylia

Passive Skill – Angry Gloom

Passive Skill : Lylia gets power from Gloom , increasing her movement speed by 15%.

Every Lylia upgrades Gloom, Lylia will increase the additional movement speed by 5%.

Gloom will increase its level by consuming Shadow Energy (up to a maximum of 5 times).

The higher the level, the higher the damage given by Gloom.

Skill 1 – Shockwave Magic

Lylia releases attack waves in the future, giving magic damage to opponents who are on track.

This skill will cause a slow effect on your opponent by 40%.

Gloom will ride the Magic Shockwave when Gloom touches Shadow Energy and immediately devours it and detonates energy quickly.

Skill 2 – Shadow Energy

Lylia focused Shadow Energy on the designated area, giving magic damage to all opponents in the area.

This skill will cause a slow effect on your opponent by 80%. Also Read: Unity Version Mobile Legends, Want to Try ?, Let’s Download

After Gloom devours Shadow Energy, he will blow up energy and give magic damage to opponents around him.

Every time Gloom upgrades, the magic damage caused by Shadow Energy will increase by 30% to 120%.

Try to prioritize raising this skill first.

Skill 3 – Black Shoes

Lylia returned to the position where the Black Shoes were for 4 seconds ago and got the maximum amount of stack to use Shadow Energy.

In addition this skill will regenerate 15% of Max HP and increase its movement speed by 40% and last for 2 seconds.

How to Play Lylia

Early Game

In the early game Lylia was able to directly do a solo buff like Selena .

This advantage will make Lylia dominate matches in the early game.

Look around and as much as possible to get level 4 and core items first.

Mid Game

Entering the mid game , Lylia needs to be backed up extra by the Tank .

Because Lylia is one of the Hero Core that can dominate from the early game to the late game though.

So for Lylia users must always see the conditions, and not too advanced because it can be fatal if abducted by the opponent.

Focus on roaming and backing up colleagues who need help.

Late Game

Entering the late gam Lylia will really dominate if the backup from the Tank is very fitting.

Because Lylia will be very difficult to target opponents when they have Fleeting Time .

The ultimate skill that will make Lylia feared in the late game.

Lylia only needs the right timing to win in the team fight.


That’s tips items, emblems, spells, and leveling for Lylia’s version of FajarYusuf.Com, what do you think?

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