This Item Makes Masha So Immune To Stun And Has 4 Bar HP!

Many news say that Masha hero are overpowered and are talking about advance Mobile Legends servers.

After testing, Masha used several items in Mobile Legends.

Apparently there are some items that are very surprising and you can recommend as a Masha build item.

Want to know what are the items that can make Masha become immune crowdcontrol and have more than 3 bars HP? See the explanation below:

Rose Gold Meteor

Rose Gold Meteor mobile legends

The first item, Masha can have more than 3 bars HP using Rose Gold Meteor items.

As is known, the unique passive of Rose Gold Meteor provides additional Shield to

the Hero whose HP is below 30%.

Yep, if Masha has 3 bars HP and Rose Gold Meteor is added, that means Masha’s total bar is 4 bars!

And not only that, if Masha’s HP Bar is under 30%, then the unique passive of Rose Gold Meteor will always be active.

To be able to kill Masha, when she was take the Rose Gold Meteor, she had three unique passive effects of Rose Gold Meteor, it must be very annoying.

No wonder this one hero is called overpowered, if you use the right item it will be troublesome if you become an opponent.

Tough Boots

Tough Boots mobile legends masha items

The next item is Tough Boots , which makes Masha immune CrowdControl .

When Masha uses this Tough Boots, CrowdControl from the Selena Skill 2 which lasts 3 second , will be less than 1 second for Masha!

Why can it be like this? To find out more about the item you can watch the video below:

Source: hororochan

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