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Build Items, Emblem, And Spell X.Borg, Burn Enemy To Ash!

X.Borg is the latest Fighter hero present to original server on August 3, however, you can only use or buy X.Borg on August 9, 2019.This latest Hero Fighter has quite unique gameplay, because X.Borg can weaken any hero role, including Tank!To be proficient in using X.Borg is also not easy, so please refer to the Guide build items, emblems, spells, and X.Borg skills below.
Build Item Embellishment Spell X. Borg

Build Item X.Borg

Build Item X.Borg
Warrior Boots is the first item you must have, because with these shoes X.Borg will be stronger for 1 vs 1 enemy fighter heroes, including being an Offlaner in early game .Bloodlust Axe is a core item for X.Borg, because this item X.Borg makes it easy to fill HealthPoint with lifesteal. Because of the very fast cooldown of skill 1 X.Borg, so X.Borg will continue to manifest when using skill 1.Blade of Despair is a physical damage item that is very useful for X.Borg. X.Borg’s greatest source of damage comes from Burst True Damage produced by skill 1, so that with these 3 items make X.Bord like a shredder, plus the movement speed effect obtained to chase enemies.Immortal is the most important defense item for X.Borg, with this item when X.Borg dead and when the Immortal effect is active, X.Borg will revive with additional armor.

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