Mobile Legends: Build Items, Emblems, Spells, And Combo Skills Masha

Masha is a hero fighter who has very unique characteristics in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Because Masha has 3 HealthPoint bars which will make it difficult to kill. Not only that, Masha also has a large HealthPoint regen.

Masha has a Regen and Damage specialty with a very large attack and defense. However, this is also offset by the high level of difficulty. Masha also has the Crowd Control ability that is very unique, namely the disarm effect.

Yep, in this article FajarYusuf.Com will give tips on how to play Masha Mobile Legends heroes, from building items, spells, emblems, skill combos, to how to play this hero!

Strengths and Weaknesses of Masha

Strengths and Weaknesses of Masha

Every hero in Mobile Legends certainly has advantages and disadvantages, as does Masha. These strengths and weaknesses can be taken into consideration whether you should buy it or not. Here it is Masha’s strengths and weaknesses:

Masha’s strengths

HealthPoint is very thick : This is the main advantage of Masha. Masha has 3 HealthPoint bars with a total of 1948 Healthpoints per bar. So if you add up the HealthPoint that Masha has is 5844 and this is the normal state (without items and emblems). This number will certainly increase if you use HealthPoint enhancer items and emblems.

HealthPoint Regen is high : Masha’s Skill 4 will prevent Masha from returning to the base to replenish blood. Masha only needs to get out of the teamfight and her energy is full, then HealthPoint can immediately regen 1 bar. Then Masha will also get an additional 10% lifesteal when she loses 1 HealthPoint bar. This of course will make Masha very difficult to kill.

Hero tank killers : Masha has skills similar to Karrie’s passive and Demon Hunter Sword’s passive skills, which can do damage to targets in accordance with their Max HP. The thicker the target’s HP, the greater the damage dealt by Masha.

High Durability : All of Masha’s skills do not add Physical Defense or Magical Defense, but she has HealtPoint and high HealtPoint regeneration. But she also has the ability to reduce the enemy CrowdControl effect time by 60% when his blood remains 1 bar. Of course this will be even more effective when combined with Tough Boots items.

Have CrowdControl Skill : Masha also has the CrowdControl skill which is the Disarm effect. This effect will make the target unable to issue a basic attack. Of course this effect will be very useful to fight marksman or fighter who are very dependent on basic attacks.

Do not use mana : This also includes an advantage for Masha because it does not use which system to use skills. So you don’t have to bother thinking about having to go back to base because you run out of mana. The energy is also only used to use skill 4.

Masha’s weakness

Does not have a blurry skill : Masha’s second skill can indeed increase movement speed which is very large, but that is not enough to make him run away, especially from enemies who have the CrowdControl skill. Masha does not have a blurry skill in the form of dash or blink that makes it able to penetrate walls or walls.

Lack of CrowdControl skill : Unlike most other fighter heroes that can give CrowdControl effects, Masha has very few CrowdControl skills. The CrowdControl skill that Masha has only skill 2 is the disarm effect where the enemy cannot use basic attacks. But this effect can also be quickly ended by taking a weapon in the first place we were exposed to this skill.

Difficult to use : Actually what must be considered when using Masha is the first skill. Because if you use skill one for too long, the blood will continue to drain until it runs out. That way we must really know when the right time to issue this skill.

Build Masha Items, Emblems, and Spells

Masha has two roles at the same time if you look at the statistics, namely Fighter and Tank. That way you can use it as a fighter (full damage), tank (full tank), and semi tank (hybrid tank and fighter). FajarYusuf.Com provides build item recommendations for all three. Here comes the item build recommendation for Masha.

Masha’s Build Item

Masha's Build Item

This build item can be used if you want to use Masha as a full damage fighter. By relying on lifesteal and attack speed because it is adjusted to the skills they have.

build items for spring tanks

This next build item can be used if you want to use Masha as a semi tank. Because in this build uses a combination of attack and defense items.

Build Item Masha tank

The last item build is the Masha full tank item build.

Warrior Boots : to fight physical damages heroes such as marksman and figher because they will get additional armor. Use Tough Boots if there are a lot of Crowd Control heroes on the enemy team.

Demon Hunter Sword : This item functions to attack speed, manifest, and passively adjusted to the passive skill and Masha 1 skill. So that will make Masha faster to finish off the opponent.

Golden Staff : Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff are very well combined and will make Masha’s attack speed even greater.

Endless Battle : This item functions for lifesteal, HealthPoint, movement speed, and true damage. This item will make Masha very difficult to kill. Especially if the HealthPoint masha bar still has 2 bars left.

Corrosion Scythe : this item will make Masha’s attack speed even greater. Because this item gives a great attck speed.

Rose Gold Meteor : This item serves to avoid combo kills such as Eudora and Aurora. Because this item provides a shield when our blood is dying.

Wing of the Apocalypse Queen : This item is to increase Masha’s lifesteal when her blood is less than 40%. In addition, the additional HP of this item is also very large, so Masha will have a thicker HP.

Athena Shield : This item functions to increase magical defense when fighting hero mages such as Gusion and Lunox.

Blade Armor : This item serves to increase physical defense and must be used when using physical heroes such as marksman and fighter.

Antique Cuirass : This item serves to reduce the enemy’s physical and magical power. It is suitable to fight against assassin heroes such as Hayabusa and Lancelot.

Sky Guardian Helmet : this item will make Masha have a super thick HealthPoint and a high HP regen.

Immortality : serves to increase phycial defense, HealthPoint, and will make Masha can come back to life after death.

Masha Emblem and Spell Recommendations

If you use Masha as a fighter, use the Custom Fighter Emblem.

emble masha

To spell FajarYusuf.Com recommends stun or flicker .

Because Masha has a very bad escape skill mechanism. With Flicker, Masha can easily escape or enter the teamfight. And with stun you can freely kill enemies.

Explanation of Marsha’s Skill

Different from most heroes who have 3 skills, Marsha has 4 active skills and 1 passive skill.

Passive Skill: Ancient Strength

Passive Skill: Ancient Strength

Passive Skill 1 : Marsha has 3 HealthPoint Bars and will die if the last HealthPoint Bar runs out. Yep, each time losing a HealthPoint bar, she can block damage once. That way she will be immune to damage every loss of 1 bar of HP.

Passive Skill 2 : Every time Masha loses 1% HP, the attack speed will increase by 1.2% based on the total HealthPoint of 3 HealthPoint bars. So every time Masha is dying, attack speed will increase. Attack Speed ​​will be even greater if the total of 3 Masha bars is also large.

Passive Skill 3 : Masha will get 10% Physical Lifesteal when she loses her first HP Bar. This Physical Lifesteal will increase by 20% and will reduce 60% of the CC time received when losing a second HP Bar.

Skill 1: Wild Power

Skill 1: Wild Power

Skill 1.1 : When using skill 1, Masha’s Movement Speed ​​will increase by 30% and deal physical damage equivalent to 3.5% Max HP Target with basic attack. If the target is a creep, the damage is only 350 damage.

Skill 1.2 : After skill 1 is activated, every 1 second Masha will lose 0.8% of Max HP (total HP of 3 bars). That way we have to be really wise in using skill 1 because the blood will be completely drained if used for a long time.

Skill 2: Howl Shock

Skill 2: Howl Shock

Skill 2.1 : Masha will release energy waves in the specified direction and will deal physical damage if it hits the target. This skill will also give a slow effect to the enemy by 40% which lasts for 1 second.

Skill 2.2 : If Masha’s skill 2 hits the target, then the target will be affected by Disarm, the enemy cannot issue a basic attack. This effect can be ended if the target returns to the weapon where she was hit by Masha’s skill 2.

Skill 3: Thunderclap

Skill 3: Thunderclap

Masha will release a very strong charge after reducing 50% of his current cellphone. When approaching the target, she will release a Thunderclap that deals physical damage according to the max HP they have. In addition the target will also be affected by a slow effect of 90% for 0.5 seconds.

Skill 4: Life Recovery

Skill 4: Life Recovery

Masha will restore HealthPoint by 1 bar. This skill can only be used when Masha’s energy is full and not in a battle condition. So this skill cannot be used while in a war. When using this skill, Masha will be invincible like skill 3 Miya.

Masha Skill Combo

According to FajarYusuf.Com there are actually no special combos when using Masha. The use of this skill adapts to situations and conditions. To chase the enemy, use skill 1 (provided that the HP must be full). Then to give CrowdControl use skill 2, and for finishing use skill 3. Exit teamfight to regenerate HP with skill 4. The skill combo might be like this:

Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 4

How to Play Masha

Maximize Skill 1 : Skill 1 is the main skill of Masha because it has considerable damage. The thicker the enemy’s blood, the greater the damage from this skill. Because this skill takes damage in accordance with the Max HP Target. We can also use this skill for farming because it will give you very big damage, so you can farm quickly.

Use Skill 1 wisely : Skill 1 is indeed the main skill for Masha because it can deal great damage. However, you should not use this skill if you are not attacking an enemy. After exiting the teamfight, immediately turn off this skill so that HealthPoint is not wasted.

Skill 2 Must Hit Marksman / Fighter : Skill 2 Masha will give a Disarm effect to the target, so that it will make them unable to issue basic attacks. That way, this ability is very good for fighting a hero who is very dependent on basic attacks, including marksman and fighter. Now this skill will certainly be very useful to fight marksman in late games because basic attack marksman will really do very large damage.

Use Hero Lock Mode : You should activate the hero lock mode so that you don’t get the wrong target when attacking, especially when using skill 3. This skill is similar to skill 3 Martis and Karina, so you have to attack enemies who are truly ideal. Usually lock heroes who have the smallest blood.

Beware of CrowdControl and Burst Damage : Even though this Masha has very high HealthPoint and HealthPoint regeneration, but she has absolutely no armor or magic resistance. Masha’s lifesteal effect will not work when affected by CrowdControl. Especially if attacked with high damage burst heroes like Aurora and Eudora.


Yep, that’s the complete tutorial from Masha by FajarYusuf.Com. What do you think about build items, spells, emblems, and combo skills above? write a comment below, don’t forget to subscribe to so that you don’t miss the updated mobile game info and tips like this!

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