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Code Hero 100 Mobile Legends New Hero Charging Marksman

Not long ago Mobile Legends entered the new Season and presented Yu Zhong as a new hero. And apparently there are still some more heroes to be released, recently through the news of the leak revealed a new hero again.

This new hero is still called Charging Marksman Code 100 according to the post of leak ml. The hero appearance and skill effects are still not shown, only skill drawings and their usefulness from the video are visible. However, the three existing skills are still not visible detailed status.

fajaryusuf.com charging marksman hero 100 mobile legends

The artwork of this hero has been revealed, this hero uses a spear weapon. Although both use spears like Moskov. However, the animation skill is quite different, where this Hero has skill 1 which can penetrate to several heroes at once.

And skill 2 to make a mark to the enemy and make dash attacks at him. As for the ultimate skill, it produces a large enough damage area.

Marksman is currently a role that often gets the newest Hero. I wonder if this new hero marksman can shift the meta position of the existing hero marksman?

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Source: ML LEAK

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