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Comic Mobile Legends Guinevere & Lancelot Marriage Stories

Mobile Legends has just published the comic story of the marriage of Guinevere & Lancelot from the Baroque family, here is the full story that you can read:

One sunny day, Guinevere was approached by her father who revealed that Guinevere had to marry into a Paxley family. It is said that Guinevere comes from a noble Baroque family. Gwen, that’s Guinevere’s nickname. Gwen’s father came to match Gwen with the Paxley family who are known for their magical powers.

Gusion is the fourth son of the Paxley family. Although it is not mentioned in the story who will be matched with Gwen, but if it is estimated and seen from her hair and body, the person who is set up is Gusion .

Because the one who submitted the proposal was the Paxley family, so Gwen’s father could not refuse the application. The marriage between the Baroque and Paxley families aims to maintain the Baroque empire that is not as strong as it used to be. Gwen’s father was afraid the enemy would destroy their family.

fajaryusuf.com Comic Mobile Legends Guinevere Lancelot's Wedding

But Gwen still didn’t want to and went to meet her brother, Lancelot . Gwen met Lancelot on a cliff, she immediately asked for help from Lancelot to replace her position and married one of the children of the Paxley family.

But it turns out that Lancelot loves Odette very much, and rejects the request. Gwen insisted but Lancelot still wouldn’t. Finally, because neither of them wanted to marry the Paxley family, Gwen angrily dragged Lancelot to go to the Land of Dawn together.

Source: Official Facebook Mobile Legends

Read the complete love story comic book Guinevere Mobile Legends.

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