Detailed explanation of the new Roam and Jungle items in Mobile Legends

MOBA game Mobile Legends Bang Bang has just released a new update patch v1.5.88 on June 15, 2021 yesterday, what is very striking is the change in roam and jungle items, as well as revamp heroes Minotaur, Karina and Alpha. This new update is part of Project Next Mobile Legends phase 2 where there are many changes that occur to heroes, battlefield, systems, items, and of course META.

In this article, will discuss in detail about the Mobile Legends update regarding roam and jungle items. This update is very important, currently META is likely to change drastically due to changes in effects and how to buy jungle and roam items.

Jungle and Roam Items Become One With Boots

In the latest Mobile Legends update, jungle and roam items have been combined into 1 item with boots. This is very good for tank and jungler roles because it can save 1 item slot to buy more useful items during the late game, without eliminating the effects of the roam and jungle items.
How to Activate Jungle and Roam Item Effects

Players must kill 5 jungle monsters or kill/assist heroes to activate the special retribution spell effect of jungle items. Kill 5 jungle monsters to activate spell retribution.

And the way to get active effects from roam items is also not instant. Players must collect the 600 Gold earned since purchasing the roam item. After 600 Gold has been collected, the active effect of the roam item will appear.

How to Buy Jungle and Roam Items

Because the previous roam and jungle items have been removed. Now there’s a new way to buy Jungle and Roam items:

  • Open the Shop while in the game
  • Scroll to the Movement tab, press Jungle or Roam
  • Choose the Jungle or Roam type you want
item roam jungle mobile legends new baru latest

Jungle Item Retribution Effect Change

The previous 3 jungle items have also been totally revamped. Now Mobile Legends released 3 new retribution effects from jungle items. The effect on minions, jungle creeps, turtles or lords is still the same, which is a 150% increase in damage from normal. But the new effects change when targeted at enemy heroes.

Flame Retribution Effect

When it hits an enemy hero, flame retribution will deal true damage of 100, and also suck 35-70 physical attack and magic power from enemy heroes. So the player will get 35-70 damage and the enemy hero’s damage will be reduced by 35-70.

Flame Retribution is perfect for buying Assassin and Marksman jungler heroes who already have skills and build items to slow and play aggressively like Lancelot, Claude, and Roger.

Ice Retribution Effect

When hitting an enemy hero, ice retribution will give true damage of 100, and also suck 41-90 movement speed from enemy heroes. So that the player gets 41-90 movement speed and the enemy hero’s movement speed will decrease by 41-90.

Ice Retribution is perfect to buy for Fighter heroes and Mage junglers who have to chase enemies during ganking or teamfights. Heroes that are very suitable for using Ice Retribution are Karina, Harith, Argus, and Alucard.

Bloody Retribution effect

When it hits an enemy hero, Bloody Retribution will deal true damage of 100, and also suck 12% Max HealthPoint from the jungler hero.

For example, if the player has a max HealthPoint of 5,000, it means 12% x 5,000 = 600. You will suck 600 HealthPoints from enemy heroes, so the player’s HealthPoint will increase by 600 and the enemy’s HealthPoint will decrease by 600 for 3 seconds.

Bloody Retribution is very suitable for Tank heroes and Fighter junglers because it has thick HealthPoints. Players can use it for hyper heroes such as Barats, Esmeralda, Alpha, Freya, Dyroth, and Aldous.

Roam Item Effect Change

Not only jungle items, roam items also get a very different revamp. And now there are 4 roam items compared to before which only 3 roam items. The passive effect of each roam item is still the same:

Devotion: Sacrificing in the first 9 minutes does not get EXP & Gold from minions or jungle creeps so that core heroes can get maximum EXP & Gold.

Thriving: Gain extra 25% EXP & Gold for every assist kill. And also gives 8 Gold & 20 EXP every 5 seconds to the poorest teammate hero! This change is very important because other heroes on the team don’t need to buy roam items anymore.

For new effects, roam items can be unlocked when the player has collected 600 Gold from the Thriving passive effect.

Item Roam Effect: Conceal (Active Skill)

When the active skill is used, nearby heroes and teammates will enter camouflage mode (disappear transparent) and get an additional movement speed of 30% – 75% (the bigger the Gold obtained from the Thriving effect).

The Conceal roam item is suitable for use by heroes with a playstyle to surprise enemies such as Khufra, Atlas, Franco, Tigreal, Akai and Minotaur.

Item Roam Effect: Encourage (Passive Skill)

New roam items with passive effects increase physical attack and magic power by 15-38 (increases with the amount of Gold obtained from Thrive) for teammates around the hero. And the attack speed of teammates will increase by 15%.

This roam Encourage item is very suitable for heroes with continuous push and teamfight focus such as Hylos, Belerick, Hilda, Jawhead, and Gloo.

Item Roam Effect: Favor (Passive Skill)

When a hero uses a heal or shield area skill, the closest dying teammate hero will get a heal effect of 480-1200 HealthPoints (scaled with Gold from Thriving). This effect has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

This Favor roam item is very suitable for heroes with heal and shield area skills such as Mathilda, Estes, Hylos, Minotaur, Angela, and Rafaela.

Item Roam Effect: Dire Hit (Passive Skill)

When the hero uses the Dire Hit roam item and deals damage to the enemy hero, so that their HealthPoint is reduced below 35%, the enemy hero will be exposed to additional damage of 7-18% of the enemy’s max HealthPoint.

The Dire Hit roam item is very suitable for tank/support heroes who play aggressively when ganking such as Selena, Hilda, Jawhead, Chou, and Popol.

That’s a complete explanation of the changes in Mobile Legends roam and jungle items in this June 2021 update, actually it’s not just roam and jungle items that have changed drastically. There are several other new items and other items that have been revamped, you know, but you might learn about them when you read the item descriptions.


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