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Diggie Feeder META Success In MPL! This is the Counter Way!

Recently, Mobile Legends players have been busy talking about a new meta that is very extraordinary, this meta is called the Diggie feeder. Aura PH is an esports team from the Philippines who initiated this annoying meta for the first time. Is there a way to counter the meta diggie feeder?

Aura PH used the Diggie feeder meta in the MPL PH tournament against Execration which they were able to win with a 2-1 victory score. The team containing the former Sunspark player uses Diggie not to rely on Diggie’s Ultimate (Time Journey) skill, but his passive skill when he dies turns into an egg.

Diggie, who was used by Rafflesia, was assigned to die intentionally and turned into an egg to disturb and break the concentration of the hero who became the enemy’s Hyper Carry. Rafflesia continues to open maps and thwarts every Execration player who does regen and recall.

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Certainly if there is a unique meta that is successfully used in the MPL tournament, it is only natural that it is immediately used by Mobile Legends players in Rank mode. And of course many also complain about how annoying this Diggie feeder meta is.

But one former pro player has figured out how to beat the Diggie meta feeder, yep Luminaire provides some tips to fight this Diggie meta feeder. To put it simply, by using meta 1-2-2, which means using 2 hero cores (back like the old meta, without relying on hyper carry) because then Diggie will be confused about which hero core to disturb.

When Diggie becomes an egg it will thwart the regeneration and recall of enemy core heroes, Luminaire suggests using Rafaela so that you don’t need to regen. And looking for cellphones by farming not by recall. Yep, those are 2 ways to counter the meta diggie feeder, for a full explanation you can watch the video below.

Source: YouTuber Mobile Legends

Counter meta diggie FEEDER, 100% AMPUH ! | Luminaire


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