Dyrroth Mobile Legends Will Get HP Regen Buff On the Next Update

Dyrroth gets Buff, will he become an overpowered hero in the MOBA Mobile Legends game? After Alpha, Argus, Silvanna and other heroes, now Dyrroth will also get buffed by Moonton. Just like the heroes mentioned, this buff only takes place on the advanced server Mobile Legends.

Most likely the release of the Dyrroth buff to the original Mobile Legends server along with the Argus, Silvanna and other heroes buffs in March 2021.

For the buff effect, namely the addition of Dyrroth’s HP Regen, which previously only got 40% HP Regen, now Dyrroth gets 50 + 40% HP Regen. This buff is very useful, it can even make Dyrroth re-enter meta again. Yep, Dyrroth users, so you don’t have to worry about running out of blood when fighting because the HP Regen is very high.

Fajaryusuf.com Dyrroth mobile legends buff

The release date for this buff update is likely to come in the next update, which is March 2021 on the 16th.

It looks like Dyrroth will enter the MLBB meta again, because the HP Regen buff which is very high makes Dyrroth’s lifesteal even more overpowering among the fighters. And also this fighter hero has very strong damage, which can very quickly kill enemy marksman and mage.


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