Mobile Legends Eruditio Explorer Event for Free Xborg Tesla Skin

In this article will tell you how to get a free Xborg Tesla Maniac skin from Moonton at a new event that is present in the MOBA Mobile Legends game in 2021.

Right now a new event is taking place in Mobile Legends which is very exciting for players, because the prizes at this event are so many and can be obtained for free.

This Mobile Legends event is titled Explorer Eruditio, which includes Xborg and Johnson skins which can be obtained free of charge.

Do you want to know how? will explain in detail and simple so that players can easily understand. Mobile Legends skin xborg free for free
  • Login to the Mobile Legends game
  • Open the event menu in the event section and the community or player can directly click the following link:
  • Complete all existing missions, such as playing with friends, opening all the stories at the event until it’s finished and so on.
  • If the player has completed the missions, skin trials will be sent to the players for free.
  • If lucky, players will also get permanent Xborg or Johnson skins.

The mission in the Explorer Eruditio Mobile Legends event can be said to be very easy, players should be able to complete this mission in less than 5 minutes.

So what are you waiting for, just go ahead and join the event because you can get a free Mobile Legends 2021 skin from Moonton.

As a note of information, it is possible that most players are not aware or aware of this event because the location of this event is also in the event – community section, because players rarely open this section.


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