Event Rewards Week Mobile Legends August 13, Get Free Skin and Emote!

There is another good news for MOBA Mobile Legends game players, yep, because tomorrow, August 13, there will be an event titled Rewards Week which contains free skins and free emotes given by Moonton. Players can participate in this event to get various prizes.

Rewards Week Event In Progress

This event will take place in the Mobile Legends in-game tomorrow, August 13, later players must complete the quests in this event to get Energy Flywheel tokens that can be exchanged for various prizes.

Item Rewards Week

Players can exchange Energy Flywheel tokens for various prizes later, such as a trial hero card, free Khaleed Elite skin (trial) and free Leomord “Good boy” battle emote.

Players only need to complete the task and get the Energy Flywheel token and then exchange the Energy Flywheel with the desired prize, for the task in the Mobile Legends Rewards Week event, players can see in the picture.

event reward week mobile legends skin elite khaleed battle emote leomord free free

And players can exchange them for available prizes. Even though it’s only a trial of Khaleed’s Elite skin, players can use this skin in ranked mode, and currently Khaleed is a very good offlaner hero.

And of course the free Leomord “Good boy” battle emote is also very good for use in matches, it can also be a collection of player emotes before the presence of Custom Action Emotes into the Mobile Legends game.

So, don’t forget to log in on August 13th to get a free Elite Khaleed skin and also the Leomord battle emote.


  • There is a new event called Rewards Week which is coming on August 13
  • The prizes in this new event are Khaleed’s elite skin and Leomord Good Boy’s battle emote

Source: Instagram borneogaming


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