Floryn Hero Support Mobile Legends (ML) Will Be Released On 5th Anniversary Celebration

Moonton as the developer of the MOBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game has now announced an interesting event that will be coming to the game. The event which has the title ‘Project Next’ will be here again, this new event was created specifically to welcome the 5th anniversary of the Mobile Legends (ML) game.

In the teaser video published on the official Mobile Legends (ML) YouTube channel, they will present a new support hero named Floryn . Yap Floryn will be a new hero released in the 5th Anniversary Celebration of Mobile Legends (ML).

About Floryn Hero Support Mobile Legends (ML)

In the video, a new hero with a support role named Floryn will be released soon. This new hero has a healing area skill that can heal all teammates in an instant just like Estes. Floryn can also heal and deal damage to enemies in an area, a very useful hero during team-fights.

Floryn mobile legends ml mlbb

Skill-set Floryn Mobile Legends (ML)

Passive Skill: Dew (Buff)

Floryn brought Dew’s Lodge: Lantern of Hope and the item cannot be sold. Latern of Hope will collect energy every time Floryn hits an enemy hero using a skill can also evolve when full of energy. While in the Fountain, Floryn can share the power of the Lantern of Hope with team heroes.

Skill 1: Sow (Damage, Heal)

Floryn throws an energy seed at the target enemy and deals Magic Damage. Successfully issued Healing Fruits will be given to teammates. Healing Fruit can provide HealthPoint recovery according to the skill level and items used.

Skill 2: Sprouts (CC, Damage)

Floryn throws energy at the intended target and deals Magic Damage to the enemy. The energy also deals damage to enemies behind the target and stuns the designated area.

Ultimate Skill: Bloom (Heal, Damage)

Floryn’s ultimate skill, Bloom, can heal all team heroes 5 times for 4 seconds. The energy that comes out can also do damage to enemies around each time healing is done.

Floryn Mobile Legends Release Date (ML)

The latest Mobile Legends support hero, Floryn, will be released at the 5th anniversary event of Mobile Legends (ML). However, until now there is still no definite release date regarding the celebration of Project Next’s 5th anniversary event.

Gameplay Floryn Mobile Legends By Jess No Limit

Review Hero Terbaru Floryn - Mobile Legends


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