Free Lucky Draw Mobile Legends Event Free Skin Bane

Surely a lot of MOBA players want free skins. Yep, this is the latest Mobile Legends Bang Bang event, players can get one Bane skin for free from Moonton. Moonton recently updated their favorite game, Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Currently in the MOBA Mobile Legends game there is a new event with a free skin prize from Moonton. Then what is the event and how to get free skins from this new event?

The name of this event is Free Lucky Draw, players can get Bane skin for free from Moonton. Here’s the complete way:

  • Login to Mobile Legends account
  • Open the Free Lucky Draw event
  • Draw on the event for free for 10x.
  • For every 10x draw, it will be reset again and the player can draw again.
  • Finished
free luck event draw skin bane mobile legends free free

Yep, drawing in this event is very easy. So, you have to directly log in to the Mobile Legends game and go to the Lucky Draw event, because you can get a free Bane Mobile Legends skin for 2021.

For this event to last for one week, meaning that it will run out on July 25, 2021. And to get Bane’s skin at this event, luck really needs a factor.



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