atlas mobile legends

This is Gameplay New Hero Mobile Legends, Named Atlas

Every month Mobile Legends will release new heroes for loyal players. New heroes are the most eagerly awaited thing every month by players, and at the beginning of January Mobile Legends released a leak from a new hero named Atlas.

Atlas is an octopus hero who wears an armor-suit to fight in the land of dawn. Atlas also has a hook like Franco, which makes players think that Franco gets revamped.

Atlas of mobile legends

Actually, this leaked Hero will be released last year. However, seeing that Cecillion and Carmila were the first hero couple, the release of Atlas was delayed. And the players forget about this one hero.

If you are curious about the gameplay of the Atlas Mobile Legends, you can see the greatness in the video below, Atlas can hook up to 5 enemies at once!

Gameplay Hero Baru Atlas Mobile Legends

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